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Marketing & Promotions
Please read on to learn more about our industry-leading standards for success!

Why Trenz?
When you choose Trenz, you choose quality and reputation - each of our global events is independently executed and collectivly ran. Trenz sets the standard of excellence for event management in its market.

Our Standards
Our partners are pre-qualified for excellence - all participants are chosen, based on track record, exemplary service and reputation. Each trainer has extensive  knowledge and resources, and specializes in developing and executing group demonstrations and program logistics.

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Sharon Payton owner and founder of Trenz Marketing and Promotions headquartered in the trendy city of Chicago is a collaboration of hair and beauty industry experts and associated vendors.

Trenz unique business approach allows clients to have access to resources that greatly benefit their business, while allowing the opportunity to participate in hair and beauty workshops. Whether you have already selected hair specialists, or are seeking experts in specific areas, Trenz is happy to offer their services individually or collectively.

With more than 20 years combined experience and track records of leading a “Top Ten” salon, Trenz Marketing and Promotions consultants are experienced in both development and the hands-on operations of a hair business. We regularly travel the globe promoting the hair and fashion industry and allowing ongoing training sessions.

Trenz specializes in all aspects of new development and ongoing hair operations. We offer clients a one-stop-source for proven and trusted professionals. We understand that our reputation is built on your success.

Trenz takes a unique systematic approach to business. We have found that the most successful salons are those built on solid concepts that will lead to a solid clientele. These salons are not only unique, inviting and marketable, though operationally efficient as well.

To develop a hair concept, Trenz Marketing and Promotions hunts and gathers information. Armed with our client’s vision, values and philosophies; knowledge of the target market and competition; extensive operational “hands on” experience; global industry trends; and a great deal of creativity, savvy and style; Trenz analyzes the data to craft a solid brand concept driven by profit potential.

To build a strong concept brand, Trenz uses workshops, hair industry shows, (competitions)  web presence; product and service offerings; stylist image and culture; coupled with exceptional service standards; as tools toward communicating the overall concept. Through incorporating elements of sight, touch, and demonstrations. Trenz is committed to working hand-in-hand with clients to create a strong brand image that offers a complete sensory experience.

To run a successful salon business, Trenz Marketing and Promotions team draw from years of experience leading a top salon. From the inside out, we analyze your business to identify areas of weakness. We develop a plan of action to get your business on track to success.

For more than 20 years, Sharon Payton has successfully helped establish and grow some of the most notable stylist. As a respected presenter and educator, Sharon Payton (a.k.a. Sha Sha) vast knowledge of the hair and fashion industries stems from developing, opening and operating leading training as well as consulting on the development of hair products used around the world.